Rate Packages:

Tier 1 - Year Round - $4800 per year. This option is for Modular, RVIA certified Park Model or Tiny Homes.

Tier 2 - 5 months - May through September. Full Summer Season. Package price is $3500.00. RV's, 5th Wheels, Motorcoaches, RVIA certified Tiny Homes.

Shorter package agreements will only be considered if there is an available space. It will however be a minimum of $600 per month.

Prices do not include electricity. As each lot has its own PG&E meter, you will be provided with your bill on a monthly basis. Water, Sewer and Garbage are included.

Each resident is welcome to arrive anytime during their Tier of choice window of time and depart anytime during this window of time. Regardless of arrival and departure, to a secure a space, residents must sign a lease agreement committing to their Tier plan and its full cost. As our park is open year-round, residents must pay the entire amount of the Tier choice they have agreed to regardless of weather, arrival and departure dates. The park has a tractor and the road is kept open throughout the winter months should snow removal be required.

All RV parks charge for additional “toys”, not here.
The following is a list of what is allowed in your space at no extra charge:
Pay close attention to the word “or” it is one or the other.

  • One pre-approved and registered RV, Motor Coach, 5th wheel, park model home, modular home or tiny home.
  • Two Cars.
  • One boat or two wave runners.
  • Two quads or one side by side or two motorcycles.

An example of the maximum allowed is as follows:

  • One 5th wheel, One boat, two cars, two quads. OR
  • One motor coach, two wave runners, one side by side, two cars.
  • One Park Model, Modular or Mobile home, two cars, one boat, two quads.

All pieces of equipment must be in good running condition with current registration. Aside from basic maintenance, all other repair work must take place off the premises.

Anyone interested in renting a space should contact the park directly at 530-316-1003 or email d.teryn@yahoo.com

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